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Memorable Captures is an independent camera hire and video production company based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We believe that high quality professionally edited videos should not be reserved for just business advertising or weddings, and this is why we offer premium videography services at affordable prices. Using our cameras and production facilities you can create stunning video clips of a special occasion, hobby, big event or just everyday life for you to keep and look back on in years to come.
Dog Walker at the Park
The range of subjects we can help produce a video for is only limited by your imagination. Some of the special memories we can help you capture on video:
Family Life including:
Hill Walking and Hiking
Dog Walks
Birthday Parties
Baby Showers
Stag & Hen Parties
Graduation Ceremonies
Hobbies / Sports including:
Road Cycling
Mountain Biking
Paddle Boarding
Kite Sufing
Climbing and Bouldering
Motorcycles & Automotive
Mountain Biking
We offer 3 main local services in addition to our remote editing services - the first is solely camera hire. You hire the camera from us for a set period of time, shoot the footage and we then provide the raw video for you to edit or do with as you require.
The second service we offer, and our most popular, is our hire and production service. With this service again you hire the camera and film your chosen subject, we then take the video clips you have shot and professionally edit it into beautiful short films for you to keep and share with friends and family.
To confirm that you do not need any professional skills or filming experience to capture your own amazing footage with our cameras. All the equipment we hire out has been carefully selected ensuring it is easy for anyone to use without any prior experience. We also include a filming tutorial with all hires make certain you catch the perfect shots. For further detail on what makes our cameras easy to use please refer to our FAQ page here.
Happy Kids
The third service we offer is our filming and production service. With these packages you hire the camera and an expert operator to film your chosen experience or subject. Combining our diverse experience of producing of content with your ideas, we are able to together create your perfect video.
All filming and production packages begin with a initial discussion - establishing what you are looking to achieve with the film and the key content you wish to capture. From here our team will use their extensive knowledge of filming a wide range of subject matters to plan the shoot to guarantee the best possible clips are captured on the day. This planning stage involves identifying key shots, choosing the camera equipment best suited to the task and ensuring any possible issues are avoided.
On the day filming your camera operator will work closely with you - we encourage the sharing of ideas and often find some of the best clips are a result of a spontaneous 'let's try this' on the day. So please do put forward your suggestions as they could result in the exact shot you were looking for!
The final stage of the process is the editing of the footage together into a finished video clip. This is done using the latest technology by our in house team so you can be assured of a personal bespoke service throughout.  
Family on a Hike
Remote Editing Services
Memorable Captures now offers a remote editing service allowing you to make use of all the video you shot, without having to learn video editing! It's a common fact that most footage shot is never used because video editing is hard!
Save time and let us do the work for you, whether it's a selection of mobile phone clips of your pet or all that go pro footage you shot backpacking across Asia. You send us the clips and we create a professionally edited video of those irreplacable memories.

Full details on the services we offer and pricing can be found by clicking here